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april 17, 2019 - FUEL

Soviet Asia - Soviet modernist architecture in Central Asia

Soviet Asia explores the Soviet modernist architecture of Central #Asia. Italian photographers Roberto Conte and Stefano Perego crossed the former Soviet republics of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyszstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, documenting buildings constructed from the 1950s until the fall of the USSR.

The resulting images showcase the majestic, largely unknown, modernist buildings of the region. Museums, housing complexes, universities, circuses, ritual palaces - all were constructed using a composite aesthetic. Influenced by Persian and Islamic architecture, pattern and mosaic motifs articulated a connection with Central #Asia. Grey concrete slabs were juxtaposed with colourful tiling and rectilinear shapes broken by ornate curved forms: the brutal designs normally associated with Soviet-era architecture were reconstructed with Eastern charachteristics.

Some of the buildings shown in #sovietAsia are recorded here for the first time, making this book an important document, as despite the recent revival of interest in Brutalist and Modernist architecture, a number of them remain under threat of demolition.

The publication includes two contextual essays. The first by Alessandro De Magistris (author, architect and History of Architecture professor, Polytechnic University of Milan). The second by Marco Buttino (Modern History and Urban History professor, University of Turin, expert of history of social change in Central #Asia and Russia).

Additional info available on FUEL's website: fuel-design.com/publishing/soviet-Asia/