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september 16, 2021 - Danish Architecture Center

Cecilie Manz exhibits in Danish Architecture Center

During 3daysofdesign, The Needle in the Haystack exhibition opens at the #danisharchitecturecenter. What considerations, doubts and thoughts go into good design? How many prototypes does the development of a new chair require? What role do scale and shape play for a Bluetooth speaker? Visitors can explore all this and much more when one of Denmark's most renowned designers, #ceciliemanz, opens the doors to her #design universe.

Cecilie Manz has been awarded the 2021 Danmarks Nationalbanks Jubilæumsfonds Hæderspris, an honorary award conferred by the #design and architecture foundation of the central bank of Denmark for almost three decades, #ceciliemanz has produced industrial #design on diverse scales, from impressive tables through fascinating lamps to sensuous applied art objects. True to tradition, the annual awardee mounts a solo show, and this year, #danisharchitecturecenter will, for the first time ever, have the honor to host the exhibition.

"Architecture and #design form the framework of our lives. From the smallest detail to the largest planning. We at the #danisharchitecturecenter would like to convey that message to even more #people. Therefore, we are pleased with the collaboration with Danmarks Nationalbanks Jubilæumsfond, which gives us the opportunity to show the importance of the #design process, regardless of the scale in which it is produced. In the exhibition, guests can experience how one of Denmark's best designers, #ceciliemanz, handles the creative process," says Kent Martinussen, CEO, Danish Architec-ture Center.

Based on Manz's personal #design process, the show homes in on selected projects to recount the stories behind them. Manz's work evokes a sense of finding the needle in the haystack, a circuitous approach to the solution, a laborious minutiae of contemplations, doubts, templates and quirky prototypes. A painstaking and persistently iterative process.

Presenting the diversity of her work in prototypes, industrial projects and one-offs – spanning bathtubs, cutlery and furniture to steppingstones, porcelain, lighting and bags – the exhibition focus is on the details, with a cabinet of treasures showcasing eclectic references, inspirational objects, samples and an insistent dedication to coloration. The scenographic take is understated, with simple podiums in different sizes dressed in Floyd textile by Kvadrat in beautiful shades of light gray.

Further information in the press release to download