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ottobre 11, 2016 - Serlachius Museums

Marita Liulia's exhibition Golden Age to the Serlachius Museums, Finland

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Marita Liulia is an internationally renowned and exceptionally versatile artist and director. She has been invited to hold a solo exhibition in Serlachius Museum Gösta from 5 November 2016 until 23 April 2017. Liulia’s theme is Golden Age, with which the museum will launch its Finland 100 Years celebrations.
Golden Age refers to the creative period of the artist, because the exhibition will present around one hundred new works: paintings, photographs, short films and sculptures. Gold, which connects the works, is seen in many forms and meanings.
In Finnish art, the term Golden Age refers to the period prior to Finland’s independence, when artists created a Finnish identity for the country. For a dialogue with her own works, Liulia has selected master works of the Golden Age from Serlachius Museums’ collection. Also on display will be Helene Schjerfbeck’s painting The Red Haired Girl II, only recently acquired by Gösta Serlachius Fine Arts Foundation.
Liulia defines Finland’s second Golden Age as the period from the 1970s, when a small country rose quickly to become one of the world’s most advanced and affluent nations.
“But what does Golden Age mean today? Does art create a national wellbeing that is mental, physical, economic and communal? Or in an era of individualism, is Golden Age also personal?” asks the artist.
Liulia’s large-scale paintings, often created with her bare hands, are inspired by Finnish nature. World events, democratic crises, natural disasters, bomb strikes and the plight of refugees are also present in the works. The stories associated with the paintings are presented both in the exhibition and in a book Golden Age, published simultaneously.
Part of the exhibition is a series of portraits of new and indigenous Finns. The photographs have been taken at the artist’s black table, where the turning points and golden ages of life have been discussed.
“Great insight is often preceded by disaster,” observes Liulia. “People are stories, and every story is fascinating. Now the time arrived to focus on Finnishness,” says the artist, who has travelled the world her entire adult life and has exhibited her works in 50 countries.
A series of short films and a large sculptural installation have emerged alongside the photographs and paintings. #maritaliulia works in a museum the same way as she does in a theatre, so the exhibition under preparation is an experiential, holistic work of art, in whose creation a scenographer and light designer have participated.

More information: Artist, Director #maritaliulia, +358 40 833 8944, marita@maritaliulia.com
Serlachius Museums: Information Officer Susanna Yläjärvi, +358 50 560 150, susanna.ylajarvi@serlachius.fi

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