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ottobre 17, 2016 - Musee d'ixelles

Constant Lambrecht: the exhibition at Musée d'Ixelles focuses specifically on his latter 20 years

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Constant Lambrecht was a Belgian painter, born in Roeselare, whose unique style evolved over 50 years. His work shows several influences: cubism (following the discovery of Picasso and Braque during his stay in Paris), Flemish expressionism and the artists from La Jeune Peinture Belge.
After World War II, his career took a decisive turn, especially after his meeting with Victor Servranckx. He steered toward lyrical abstraction.
If #constantlambrecht borrowed from Cubism his sense of form, his paintings also tended, paradoxically, toward a very structured and rhythmic composition. Marcel Duchateau, biographer of the artist, also stressed the baroque aspect of his paintings. Lambrecht applies the pigments in a very dense way, and his quick brushstrokes give a dynamic feel to his work.
The exhibition at the Museum of Ixelles focuses specifically on Lambrecht’s latter 20 years. If figurative elements appear in the earlier work, such as portraits or still life paintings, his later work reveals the symphonic compositions of abstract forms amalgamated into a lyrical impulse, although, at the same time, they keep their constructivist touch.
The exhibition focuses on his final output, offering visitors a rich insight into the unique and sincere creations of #constantlambrecht, which deserve to be more famous.

27.10.2016 > 22.01.2017
Free Opening Night to the General Public: Wednesday 25.10.2016 – 18:30 > 21:00.
Opening of the doors at 18:30.

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