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ottobre 17, 2016 - Musee d'ixelles

FOCUS. Hans Bruyneel reveals the tension within landscapes

Comunicato Stampa disponibile solo in lingua originale. 

The focus is on an emerging Belgian artist as we invite him to exhibit one of his works in our permanent collections.
Hans Bruyneel uses ordinary landscape photographs as a source of inspiration. After a long process of work he manages to reveal the tension within these landscapes. Places generally beyond our gaze, menacing, mysterious places that require our attention and force us to look closely. There may be nothing going on at the time, but anything might happen at any point. His images deal with ecology, human presence in nature and solitude.

In #contemporaryart, beauty is an unwanted guest.
Personally, I find beauty is essentially complex and tragic.

FOCUS. Hans Bruyneel

27.10.2016 > 22.01.2017

Musée d'Ixelles

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