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giugno 16, 2017 - I8 gallery

i8 Gallery is pleased to announce Alicja Kwade's exhibition, A Trillionth of a Second, featuring all new works

An unimaginable unit of time marks that moment in which we can detect the first traces of the Universe: gravity was created in the first trillionth of a second following the Big Bang, and out of this, matter. Our understanding of this is the starting point for Alicja Kwade’s exhibition A Trillionth of a Second.

Computer, lamp, iPhone, mirror: almost a contemporary still life. With these items, the autobiographical interior of an artist unfolds itself. It is her own broken, now-defunct property that #alicjakwade presents here. They are objects which emerge time and again in her work. Suddenly, an entirely different still life emerges from therein: bowls that remind one of ceramics. They are made of finely ground functional objects. Pulverized and cast in new forms, they here live second lives as cups and vases. Their original components, as well as their exact volumes, have not been changed in the process.

In this process of transformation, #alicjakwade engages with questions of reality and our perception of the world. Is there such a thing as fundamental, evident truth? On which subjects is it possible for us to reach objective insight? And to what extent is it possible for us to reach agreement on this? 

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