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luglio 12, 2017 - Serlachius Museums

'BLING BLING', Kimmo Schroderus renowned for his massive metal sculptures

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Renowned for his massive metal sculptures, #kimmoschroderus has in recent times shifted to visually lighter works. The result is a series of sculptures made of gleaming stainless steel, which are displayed at Serlachius Gösta from the manor house to the park. A video linked to the exhibition is at the same time an independent art work and a narrative on the production of the whole exhibition.

Bling Bling refers to an impression of superficial luxury, made famous by rap musicians. A closer examination of the scuptures of the Insulter's Garden opens them up to a totally new message. On the surface of the sculptures is writing created with bent strips of steel – insults in different languages.

When collecting the insults, Schroderus observed that they are timeless and are generally associated with only a few different themes. What’s new is the mockery evident on the internet and social media. There, any discussion whatsoever can be turned into brawl that lives on in bitspace forever. “I’m interested in the contrast created between the name and the works of the exhibition,” says Schroderus.

The work 27 Years in the Art Business builds the artist's career from the beginning to the present day. A discoloured skeleton made by Schroderus in 1989 is presented in a stylish steel and glass display case, which the artist, with 20 years of experience, made by working metal. “The work is an illustration of my emotional state, because it seems that I have been along in the world of art for a relatively long time.”

Schroderus also brings to Gösta’s park a series of sculptures Four-legged, which is juxtaposed with Jussi Mäntynen’s Elk sculpture.  “Abstract forms give rise to associations, because that’s the way human brains work. By giving a creature four legs I slightly ease the effort of contemplation and lead the interpretations in the direction of animals.”
Joenniementie 47, Mänttä.

Opening hours:
In summertime 1 June–31 August daily 10 am–6 pm, also at Midsummer.
In wintertime 1 September–31 May Tue–Sun 11 am–6 pm.
Mondays closed.
Adults 10 €, under 18s free of charge.

At Gösta 10 June–10 September 2017

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