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giugno 19, 2018 - Folkwang Museum

6 ½ Weeks - Dragana Bulut - Cabinet of Happiness

Comunicato Stampa disponibile solo in lingua originale. 

6 ½ Weeks

Dragana Bulut

Cabinet of Happiness

May 17 – July 1 2018

In Cabinet of Happiness the Berlin-based choreographer and performer Dragana Bulut examines the promises and methods of positive psychology. Through appropriating various forms of coaching, she explores the questions behind the ideology of happiness today and the way in which the pressure of happiness choreographs our behaviour and affects the creation of subjectivity. Visitors have the possibility to join different coaching sessions at Museum Folkwang, each with a different approach and aim. In the coaching Express, participants learn to relax in no time. In Twist, they can experience a completely new method of positive thinking and empathic feeling, possibly changing their life for the good. Or, in Hedonimeter, participants can literally observe how their level of happiness grows steadily by employing specific techniques.
This work continues Dragana Bulut’s interest in staging social choreographies. Her performances examine the way feelings, wishes and fears are commercialised.

The coaching sessions will take place alternately in English by Dragana Bulut and by Helen Schröder in German. 
They are scheduled for the following times:
Thursday/Friday: 1 – 7 p.m.
Saturday/Sunday: 12noon  – 6 p.m.
Please register in advance in the lobby at Museum Folkwang.

Detailed dates: 
Thur/Fri 31. 5./1. 6. Helen Schröder (German)
Sat/Sun 2./3. 6. Dragana Bulut (English)
Thur–Sun 7.–10. 6. Dragana Bulut (English)
Thur/Fri 14./15. 6. Dragana Bulut (English)
Sat/Sun 16./17. 6. Helen Schröder (German)
Thur–Sun 21.–24. 6. Helen Schröder (German)
Thur/Fri 28./29. 6. Helen Schröder (German)
Sat/Sun 30. 6./1. 7. Dragana Bulut (English)